The Violence of Algorithms

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Why Big Data Is Only as Smart as Those Who Generate It



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The long life of a quick "fix"

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“Short-term solutions tend to stay with us for a very long time. And long-term solutions tend to never happen,” said Yakov Rekhter, one of the engineers who invented the “three-napkins protocol.” “That’s what I learned from this experience.”

“You’re in Hackerville here on the Internet. Period,” said Randy Bush, a computer scientist who specializes in routing security. “All of this stuff lacks formal discipline. . . . It’s paint and spackle.”


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We Are Always Listening

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Eavesdropping on the population has revealed many saying “I’m not doing anything wrong so who cares if the NSA tracks what I say and do?” 
Citizens don’t seem to mind this monitoring, so we’re hiding recorders in public places in hopes of gathering information to help win the war on terror. We've started with NYC as a pilot program, but hope to roll the initiative out all across The Homeland.
 For greater transparency we're declassifying excerpts from the recordings and highlighting where some devices are located.


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Algorithmic Citizenship

Algorithmic Citizenship is a new form of citizenship, one where your citizenship, and therefore both your allegiances and your rights, are constantly being questioned, calculated, and rewritten.

Heating buildings using computers

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A "digital heater" is essentially a bank of computers designed so that the heat they generate is channelled around a room or building that needs heating.


A Dutch startup called Nerdalize is marketing a radiator that uses heat generated from a computer server to warm up homes.

The Untold Story of Silk Road

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Crypto tales from the Darkweb. 

"This is more than a business to me, it's a revolution and is becoming my life's work"

The story of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road.

Part 1

Part 2

Anonymity, no longer an option

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A red light blinking from a gilded security camera greets visitors to Seven’s surveillance-themed Anonymity, no longer an option. The seventh edition of the collaborative Seven exhibition has seven galleries representing seven artists at Pierogi’s The Boiler in Williamsburg, with a very special guest: the anonymously-made Edward Snowden bust thatinfiltrated Fort Greene Park last month and was recently released by the NYPD.

Seven at the Boiler