The Mega-Master Blockchain List

This list is an open/rough attempt to brainstorm what asset registries, keys or related items theoretically could be implemented in a blockchain model. They may or may not be good ideas to do in a blockchain or might be good in certain circumstances or others, but that is not this exercise - this is a brainstorming exercise.

EFF Defends What’s Her Face? From Facebook

Back in the fall of 2011, some undergraduates at Yale created a cool class project. As part of their law and technology class, Bay Gross and Charlie Croom built a website and game that allowed Facebook users to discover how many of their “friends” they really know. The site, still available at, asked people to reflect upon how much personal information they share with strangers or distant acquaintances.

Algorithmic Citizenship

Algorithmic Citizenship is a new form of citizenship, one where your citizenship, and therefore both your allegiances and your rights, are constantly being questioned, calculated, and rewritten.